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12pk Banquet CoCo Feeder
12pk Banquet CoCo Feeder
12pk Banquet CoCo Feeder
12pk Banquet CoCo Feeder

12pk Banquet CoCo Feeder

Winston Wilds
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Banquet  CoCo Feeders   (12 pack + 6 FREE )

Gleefully hand filled Coconut, overflowing with our irresistible and truly unique fat ball recipe. To make it that extra special we fold into the mix a plethora of the finest, wholesome ingredients sourced from around the world. Peppered throughout, waiting to be discovered are juicy cranberries, 3 varieties of suet pellets, dried mealworms and an array of seeds mirrored from our deluxe mix. Finished with a dip in protein rich suet and finally hand pressed into a bountiful selection of seeds, nuts, fruit, suet pellets and dried mealworms. A true Banquet


Inspired by nature, crafted with love.



Seed, Grains, Black Sunflower, Peanut kibbles, Raisins, Cereals, Suet, Sunflower hearts. Berry suet pellets, Insect suet pellets. Mealworm suet pellets, Cranberries, Dried mealworms, Calcium.


What's in this treat?



Below is a quick guide to which birds may feast on our finest handmade COCO Feeders:


Attract: Robin, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Long Tailed Tit, House Sparrow, Chaffinch, Nuthatch, Blackbird, Song thrush, Woodpecker.

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