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We are Winston Wilds

Lovingly inventing and crafting the finest wild bird food. Made in Great Britain, County Durham.

Winston Wilds journey started 9 years ago and what a journey it has been, let me tell you
my favourite moments.....

I had long used wild bird food and been passionate about wildlife but on a crisp Autumn day whilst going to top up my fat ball feeder, I noticed the birds had scarcely taken a few pecks of the treats and to my horror the fat balls had gone mouldy. It was not the first time this had happened but in the past I kept saying to myself, what else can I feed my feathered friends, every fat ball available seemed to be the same displeasing quality and it was on this day it set me wondering, is there a great fat ball available that the birds will love. Later that night I started to do some research and over the next few months trialing different brands I was left disappointed and discovered that fat balls had long been bulked out with cheap ingredients and made ever harder to ensure safe transit but not easy feeding for our feathered friends.

Appalled at the quality that was on offer I set to work to make food wild birds would love, devour and flourish on. I started experimenting in my kitchen with the best ingredients available, no bulking ingredients, no hardeners, just 100 % natural ingredients. Our suet
treatsaremade very much the same today but our kitchen is a little bigger.

Over the next
9years we have developed the first recipe with a little help from our feathered friends, having trialed over 200 recipes.

Our strong belief that bird food should be bountiful, generous, and of the highest quality to ensure our wild birds don't just survive but
thriveis today applied to our newly invented range of truly unique, delectable seed mixes and suet pellets that we are proud to put our name on.

We hope you and your feathered friends love our finest wild bird food range as much as we did making it.

Inspired by nature, crafted with love.


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Winston Wilds Ltd    

Unit 20-21

Furnace Industrial Estate,


County Durham,



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